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Bilingual brains are better

In this post, I’m going to comment on a video I've seen a while ago on DNews (this channel is called Seeker now). Anyway, this is really relevant to me because I learnt English as an adult and I've felt the benefits described in the video. Especially regarding memory and cognitive abilities.

According to research, the brain of a bilingual person is more agile and healthy than the average people. Being bilingual is not only useful when you are travelling or studying, speaking more than one language can help you live longer. Tests performed on older people showed that those who were bilingual answered the questions faster than the others who spoke only one language.

Without going into too much technical detail, generally bilingual brains are better and more agile when they need to change activities. And studies show that the earlier people are exposed to a second language the better. From one year of age, the child begins to lose the ability to hear sounds that do not belong to their first language. Another advantage for bilingual children is learning, in general, becomes easier and the brain remains agile for life.