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Twelve YouTube channels to learn, practice and improve your English

Imagine you want to make your arms stronger but, you only walk or play football. What do you think is going to happen? You are going to get strong legs for sure. The same concept we can apply when learning English or any foreign language. If you know enough English to read and write decently but still struggle understanding natives speakers, maybe you need to practice more listening.

Not long ago, this was challenging because we didn't have all the resources we do today. One of the best tools for listening we've got is YouTube. There are so many channels to choose from it’s mind-blowing. Because I've been using it regularly, I decided to put together a list of channels I follow on a regular basis. Bear in mind my focus is standard English thus, most of the channels are going to be of this variety.

These channels are run by teachers, except for the last one which is a pod cast. Some of the teachers have online courses and others can be hired. Without further ado, here is a list of my favourite YouTube channels I recommend for your listening practice.

1. AMES836

This channel is great for beginners and for those who want to expand their vocabulary in a specific area. It’s got lots of vocabulary lists and grammar videos. Some of the titles are classroom language, fruits and vegetables, talking about jobs, countable and uncountable nouns, so on and so forth. The videos are animated and well put together with lots of pictures and drawings. They are also very simple and straightforward which make them very easy to follow.

2. English with Lucy

This channel is a bit more advanced but, don’t be afraid to give it a go. Lucy is very easy to understand and, her British accent is just beautiful. She’s got lots of videos on both grammar and vocabulary.

3. BBC Learning English

BBC is an old friend of mine. Back when I was in high school, I started studying English with BBC self-study course books and cassette tapes (yes, I am that old). Nowadays, it’s all online as far as I am aware. Their YouTube channel has a new video every day and, they range from preparation for exams, news reviews, pronunciation and vocabulary from recent news reports.

4. ETJ English

Another great channel if you are interested in the British accent. Elliott is an online pronunciation teacher and accent coach. His videos range from phonetics to connected speech, intonation and everyday language. And he’s got an online course as well. For more information, click on the link: ETJ English

5. Learn English with Papa teach me

If you want to learn English and have fun in the process, look no further. Papa’s vídeos range is similar to the channels above but with a twist, lots of humour. The comedy sketches are my favourite ones.

6. mmmEnglish

Finally, someone who is not British:) Emma is Australian. She talks about the usual subjects but, she also tackles issues that confuse most English students.

7. Sounds American

If you want to learn the American accent, this channel will provide you with the building blocks. The videos tackle pronunciation, phonetics, phonics rules and all things related to American accents.

8. English Language Club

This channel is the British version of Sounds American but, they also have videos on grammar and vocabulary. If you are interested in learning the foundations of the British accent, this is the place to start.

9. Oxford Online English

An online English school of the same name runs this channel. Their teachers are mostly British and American, so you are going to get a good range of accents. And the best part, you can hire any of the teachers.

10. EngVid

This entry is a network of teachers rather than a channel. At the time of the publishing of this post, they have eleven teachers from a variety of nationalities. I follow three of them, which I'll list down below. For further information go to their YouTube page or their website EngVid.

Learn English with Ronnie

Learn English with Emma

Learn English with Adam

11. Woodward English

In this channel you will find grammar lessons, vocabulary lessons, quizzes and so much more. All the videos are in presentation format which can be used by teacher as well as by any student from starter to advanced level.

12. Powerful JRE (Joe Rogan's Podcast)

I saved the best for last: PowerfulJRE channel, Joe Rogan’s pod cast. People from all walks of life sit down with Joe Rogan for long talks, some lasting up to three hours. The subjects are usually interesting but, this is also a real opportunity to listen to the language in its authentic form. No scripts, no acting, just two or more people chatting away. Give it a try and, I promise you it'll be worth your time.

We got to the end of my list but, I’m sure there are many more channels out there that would suit your needs. Don’t be restricted to this list I just gave you. YouTube is a universe of possibilities, so go and explore it.

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Till next time Xox.